Welcome to Lens & Letter. If you’re looking for someone to help you find the right words to get your message across, then congratulations – you’ve found her.

Let’s face it, writing is hard. You might not have realised that until you sat down to write the content for your website or brochure or tried to come up with a fresh slogan for your new advert, but it’s not easy. And SEO? Forget about it! Unless you’re a professional copywriter, then chances are there are loads of things you’re better at doing – and would rather be doing – not least of which is running your business. And that’s why I’m here. Let me be your Cyrano – I’ll come up with just the right words to help you win over your target audience, then fade into the background so they never know I was there. And if you’d like to use bespoke photography to illustrate your project, instead of stale stock imagery, I can even help with that too. Words and images, all conspiring to ensure your brand comes across as authentic and engaging. Because that’s a combination that’s hard to resist.

Please have a look at my writing and photography portfolios and then let me know how I can help!