Professional Copywriting

Thanks again for the fantastic work you produced for us. You captured and reflected the soul of our organisation.Charity client
Professional copywriting
Writing is an art and copywriting really is no exception, albeit a far less appreciated one. The fact is that everywhere you look, from websites to magazines to the backs of shampoo bottles, there are words – and someone put them there. Copywriters also write the words you don’t see – from the SEO tags that go into the background of your website and help Google find you to the lines you hear people speaking in TV and radio ads. The world would be a very boring place without us!

But as a client, you don’t want just any words speaking for you. Your brand has an identity and a unique voice – not only can I help you find and hone it, but I’ll then put it on (a bit like a costume) so that everything I write for you, from SEO-optimised web content, blog posts and newsletters to conceptual copy for adverts, is consistent in its messaging. Whereas well-known authors are identifiable via their writing styles, the best copywriters are invisible. Perhaps that’s where the term ghostwriting came from – when copywriting is done well, your audience will never know you didn’t do it.

Having said that, we’re not actually ghosts but humans, so we do each have our individual areas of expertise. With an international and academic background, my forte is taking complex ideas, distilling them and presenting them in an approachable way. While I can don a formal, professional or even scientific tone, my default is a relaxed and engaging style that many clients find suits their brand’s tone of voice. I can even throw some humour in there to liven things up if you like – I’m also really good at dropping inexcusable puns!

Want proof? Take a look at my writing portfolio or simply get in touch and I’ll see what I can rustle up for you.